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3Action Sports Nutrition was founded in 1994, when a nutrition engineer wanted to produce a high-quality sports nutrition, upon request of some professional athletes. Researches on “cramp control and metabolic acids” and “energy controlled sugars” are at the base of this sports nutrition. The introduction of the 3Action Anti-cramp / antispasmodic formula and the development of an insulin-controlling sports nutrition are therefore building blocks of 3Action Sports Nutrition.

Over the years, the product range of 3Action Sports Nutrition has been greatly expanded, always taking into account the efficiency, quality and taste of the products. The current range consists of products that are fully adapted to the needs of both recreational and professional athletes.

For the development and production of the sports nutrition products and food supplements, 3Action only works with high quality ingredients from reliable suppliers.

For extra energy supply, Palatinose is present in most of the 3Action products. Palatinose is a source of fructose and glucose which is transformed into a slow sugar. Combined with the other sugars present, Palatinose improves the distribution of energy through the body. Click for additional information regarding Palatinose.

Additionally, a large number of 3Action products contain a special ‘anti cramp’ formula that prevents cramps and muscle fatigue. A perfect combination of minerals, as well as their interaction (mutual action), creates a buffering effect on lactic acid. This means that lactic acid accumulates much slower, thus preventing cramps.

The combination of the properties above results in a complete, high-quality sports food to be taken before, during, and after sports activities. Years of product research and continuous adjustments provide a qualitatively strong product for extra strength and energy.

3Action Sports Nutrition supports athletes in achieving their sporting goals in an efficient way!


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