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Recovery after trainings and races is very important for every athlete. After every exercise, our muscles are  strained and (depending on the intensity and frequency of the effort) damaged. Consuming proteins after  training or race promotes the muscle mass recovery. 3Action Whey Protein Shake is specially developed to support this recovery process as efficiently as possible.

3Action Whey Protein Shake consist of high quality whey proteins (filtered by cross-flow microfiltration), including a high dose of BCAAs  and glutamine. Whey protein are quickly digested and absorbed and  help to increase and maintain muscle mass.

The 3Action Whey Protein Shake is low in carbohydrate and fat  and therefore it is suitable for any athlete who is engaging in strength, endurance, power or explosive exercise. The low carbohydrate content of the 3Action Whey Protein Shake makes this shake good for those on a low carbohydrate or weight control program.

Flavours: Chocolate


  • Rich in essential aminio acids (5,5g BCAAs/serving –  2,5g of leucine)
  • Delicious taste and great solubility
  • Ideal support for muscle recovery
  • Stimulates muscle growth
  • Natural flavour
  • Low in carbohydrate and fat content
  • Gluten free

Directions:  Dissolve 2 scoops (25g) in 250ml milk or water, immediately after exercise. (For optimal support, use 1 to 3 servings spread throughout the day.)

Packaging: Cans of 450g. 



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