Sports activities involve consumption of energy. In addition to muscle strength, our body needs extra energy to perform well.

We generally get our energy from daily nutrition, but in higher levels of activity, the energy available is used up faster. Therefore, an active sports person must ensure that he/she consumes sufficient nutrients to perform well and recover quickly. Consequently, the nutrients listed below are very important for anyone engaging in regular sports activities.



1. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the fuel of our body. Carbohydrates are present in pasta, brown bread, and bananas, but they also are the basis of sports nutrition. 

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2. Protein

While carbohydrates are the fuel for our body, proteins are the building blocks of our tissue, and particularly of muscle tissue. 

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3. Minerals

A mineral complex (combination of salts) is important to preserve the isotonic character of sports nutrients. 

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4. Water

To prevent dehydration and to send all nutrients where they are needed, it is important to drink regularly and sufficiently during sports activities. 

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